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H Bling Cling

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A sparkling statement of your school spirit!  This bling cling is approximately 3" wide and 4" tall.

Bling Clings are a car decal that can withstand hot weather, cold weather and everything in between.  Bling Clings are not reusable, once applied to the glass on your car, they can not be repositioned.  Attempting to reposition a bling cling can result in lost stones. 

To apply the bling cling, please ensure the surface is clean and free of debris.  Prior to removing the backing of the bling cling, find your desired location for the decal.  Remove the clear backing, being careful not to stretch the decal while doing so.  Starting from the top of the decal, place the cling on your window and smooth while positioning to prevent air bubbles. 

Bling Clings can withstand the pressure of automatic carwashes however, just as with any car decal, they can lessen the life of the decal.